ART of Leadership is an unparalleled development experience for high-potential leaders. We aim to turn your high-potential leaders into high-performance, results-based leaders. The experience is divided into three days of classroom learning, a two-month action learning project that directly benefits your company, and three more days of classroom learning. It’s the ideal blend of theories, tools, and application.
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Each team of 5 high-potential leaders will join teams from other companies to experience two robust learning sessions in which RBL faculty will introduce core models, frameworks, and practical tools for leadership excellence in a highly competitive, global environment. The design of the program enables teams to share and learn best practices from each other and from other participating companies.

The curriculum is guided by our best-selling books, Leadership Brand and The Leadership Code. This perspective provides a synthesis of the best research into what makes effective leaders.

Oct 3-5 | Dec 5-7, 2017
Park City, Utah

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Learning Objectives

The ART of Leadership program is designed to educate high-potential leaders on what effective, results-based leadership is. But more importantly, this program will give leaders the tools and experience they need to become leaders who know and do what is best for the businesses, customers and employees they serve.

Leading from the outside-in to deliver results to customers and other stakeholders
Differentiating your organization by applying the principles of Leadership Brand
Driving change and communicating a vision for the future
Translating business strategy into action
Engaging and retaining the talent in your organization to ensure execution
Building the next generation of leaders
Investing in yourself to ensure your own success as a leader

Why ART of Leadership

Global Thought Leadership
Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood are world renown for their content, and their researched-based models and frameworks are used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
The ART of Leadership experience brings together teams from multiple companies and industries, giving them the opportunity to leverage their learning as they share best practices and unique perspectives.
The theories, models frameworks learned through this experience focus leaders on delivering results to the customers, employees, and other stakeholders they serve.
Participants engage in multiple research-based assessments to determine individual leadership dispositions, strengths, and weaknesses. These assessments become a customized baseline for leader growth.
A Plan for Development and Change
Our coaches work one-on-one with your team members to develop customized leadership-development plans that ensure learning is applied and results are achieved.
Program Design & Module Overviews
"It's not just talking about theories and was how do you take these principles back to your organization to make changes and improve"
-Jose Fernandez, Savage Services
Dive Deeper:
Get the Participant
The participant syllabus is a detailed outline of the entire program. Within the syllabus each module is laid out according to its objectives, content, and associated tools and application.
ART: Participant Syllabus

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What participants are saying

From our first cohort last year 100% of participants said they would recommend this program, that the content was relevant to their work and that it expanded their network.
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Questions and Answers
Who should attend the workshop, and what would the ideal team look like?

This program is for High Potentials (HiPos) expected to move into senior leadership roles in your organization. Intact leadership teams or those from different divisions/business units/regions expected to work together on key strategic priorities for the organization are ideal for the purposes of this workshop.

Why should I attend (or send a team)?

This program offers 2 key benefits.
1) The opportunity to develop your leadership skills using the thought-leading concepts from RBL’s Leadership Code and Leadership Brand.
2) Unlike in-house programs, you are also able to learn and network with teams of leaders from other leading organizations. This will expose you more deeply to new ideas, concepts, and ways of thinking that don’t come from benchmark studies.

How will this benefit my organization?

Your team will be able to apply key concepts, tools, and best practices to a specific challenge facing your organization. In addition, your team will receive group coaching from an RBL expert between learning sessions to help accelerate progress toward your organization’s goals, all for less than the price of a typical consulting fee.

How will I show that I am a better leader after completion?

An RBL consultant will follow-up with each team 45 days post-program to check progress on the team challenge and encourage next steps for desired results. At an individual level, all participants will receive an individual Leadership Code 360 report helping to identify key areas for development relative to global standards for leadership development. Individual coaching is also an optional add on to the program.

How does the content fit in with my company's current leadership model, philosophy, etc.?

Most leadership content focuses on how to build better individual leaders by increasing their competencies and strengths. This program starts from the outside in. The outside-in means that we look at what the needs of customers and investors are first and use that to choose the competencies required by the individual leader. The program is based upon the Leadership Code, RBL’s synthesis of all the leading leadership models/frameworks. The core concepts have complemented our client’s existing content around the globe. In our experience, most leadership development today is built around similar competency models (Korn Ferry/Lominger, Egon Zehnder, etc.), “customized” content from nearby business schools, and stand-alone courses like Situational Leadership, Crucial Conversations, Storytelling, Finance for Non-Finance, etc.

In other words, most leadership development looks very similar. The competency models and programs above are solid, well-researched, and form a great core. Yet they only help to develop what accounts for 50-60% of leader effectiveness. In this program, we will help teams take leadership to the next level by identifying the key components of a unique Leadership Brand for your organization.

How much time outside of the onsite workshops will this program require?

Time outside the workshops depends largely upon the complexity of your organization’s challenge. Our hope is that the challenge selected is work you’d have to do anyway—we just want to help you do that work more effectively with the models, frameworks, practical tools, and coaching you pick up during the workshop. We hate “busy work” for the sake of training. Great training should be in the path of improved results, not an obstacle to results.

Why is this the best leadership workshop for me (or my team)?

We recognize there are many choices for leadership development. This program combines leadership content that’s been tested and delivered around the globe with many of the world’s largest organizations with the opportunity to network and share ideas with HiPo leaders from other organizations. We offer action learning supported by coaching (at a team level) for a real business challenge and individual feedback through a 360 assessment. All of this (and more) comes at a lower price point than typical onsite 6-day workshops, due to sharing costs across 6 companies.

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Module 1:
Leadership Brand & Mind of the Strategist
A strong Leadership Brand increases investor & customer confidence in the future. Strategists, a key piece of Leadership Brand, must have a point of view about the future to set direction and/or align their organization/team to a direction. In order to do that they must take a customer centric view to what they do, tell stories to communicate intent and build organization capabilities that have traction.
Module 2:
Human Capital Developer
Next Generation Developers understand the implications of the strategy for the future and then build the next generation. They do this by mapping the workforce, creating a strong employee brand, helping others to manage their career, and finding and developing technical talent needed for the future.
Module 3:
Ensuring Execution & Leading Change
Executors turn aspiration into action. They make change happen by following a change discipline, ensure accountability so that what matters is what happens, and they have a decision protocol to ensure speed of change.
Module 4:
Talent Manager
Talent managers ensure that people stay engaged in the process of executing results. Successful talent managers create aligned direction, communicate, provide resources and create a positive work environment.
Module 5:
Invest in Yourself
This module focuses on the leader as an individual by exploring predisposition and aptitudes. Leaders must invest in themselves so that they can deal with pressure. Topics include staying physically fit, maintaining intellectual agility, the importance of an ethical foundation, keeping a social network, and staying emotionally stable during change.
Module 6:
Turn Feedback into change
Participants will receive their RBL Leadership Code™ 360 feedback from their boss, direct reports, peers, and self. Getting feedback and identifying areas of strength and opportunity is key to effective personal change. Leaders will build their individual development plan based on the results they want to achieve, not on their weakest scores. This deliverable provides them with a guide to their future: a results-based, stakeholder- based, and differentiated development plan.