About Us

The RBL Group helps companies turn ideas into impact and win in the marketplace.

If your business isn’t winning externally with customers, investors, and communities, then internal practices and policies don’t much matter. RBL stands for Results Based Leadership, and everything we help companies achieve in terms of leadership, strategic HR, and organization design is directly linked to generating results that move your company ahead.

Specifically, we help organizations make choices, empower their people, and solve their most challenging issues with applicable solutions that:

  • Create sustainable leadership that turns personal attributes into employee, organization, customer, and investor results.
  • Transform HR department, practices, and people so that HR delivers value to all stakeholders.
  • Build or reinvent an organization that seamlessly delivers on customer and investor expectations.

Research that drives results.

Always at the cutting edge of fresh ideas grounded in empirical research, The RBL Group is uniquely positioned to deliver insights with impact, leading to sustainable results for our clients. RBL was founded more than two decades ago by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood, two of the most well-respected minds in the field with more than 30 books and hundreds of articles and clients. The RBL Group’s forward thinking continues to evolve today, and it doesn’t stop at theory. We embed our innovative ideas into a full menu of services proven to create value for your business.

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